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The Varenik

A unique handmade cafe, whose features are openness and home-grown hospitality.
Fast, tasty, naturally.

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Who are we

Modern Ukrainians who love their history, traditions and cuisine.

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What do we do

We cook the most delicious vareniki in Ukraine following special authors recipes.

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From what

Only from natural farm products, which pass the incoming quality control every day.

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I wish everything!

Our menu includes vareniki, pelemene, pancakes, snacks and zrazy suited to every fancy.

Why to choose The Varenik?

The handmade cafe The Varenik is a place where you are always greeted with a smile and fed with delicious and most importantly useful authentic Ukrainian food. It has been our goal to show to the Ukrainians and foreigners modern Ukraine with a light-toned and gentle interior, high-quality and modern Ukrainian music and, of course, with incredibly tasty food.

The main distinctive feature of our cafe is that all dumplings and pelemene are handmade. You can convey all your love to a dish only in the course of this traditional way of cooking.

Undoubtedly, The Varenik is modern Ukraine, open-hearted, hospitable, generous, stylish and, of course, incredibly tasty. Welcome! We work for you every day!

Our menu

The Varenik handmade cafe has a single price for all vareniki and pelemene.
The only thing you pay for is a weight, and it's up to you to decide which taste to try. We are ready to surprise you with an unusual combination of spinach and cottage cheese, forest mushrooms, meat, seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as traditional sweet fillings. Gourmets will be impressed by a variety of tastes, and connoisseurs of traditions will appreciate the atmosphere, which unites the past and the present.

17.99 uah / per 100 grams
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