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Bonus program

  /  Bonus program

More dumplings – more points!

This is a profitable bonus program for new and regular customers. Any guest of of The Varenik handmade cafe can become a Participant of our bonus program. To do this you only need to get a magnet card at a cash desk and not to forget to show it while paying during your next visits. Assessment of bonuses is made according to percentage of accumulation that was reached when making purchases. Every purchase is considered on a card balance. Assessment/cancellation of points: 1 point is 1 uah if using card. Points are assessed to Participant during cash or non-cash payment at the rate of 5% up to 20% of total cost of dishes and drinks in a paid bill of Participant according to terms. Point assessment is fulfilled in case of providing own card during paying or providing a document confirming point assessment to an account of a Participant. A client should show an original copy of receipt that includes information about cumulative points. In case Participant didn’t make a purchase during 6 months, cumulative points would be cancelled. Preliminary information about point cancellation is sent as sms message 7 days before or a phone call is made. Cancelled points can’t be recovered. Points won’t be assessed if:
-mandatory fields in a form of Participant aren’t filled in (Surname, name, phone number, Email)
-special promotions are established
Participant can’t pay his bill partially using bonuses and in cash or non-cash payment. Additional ways of bonus assessing:
Participating in the promotion “Invite a friend”
Participant 1 is an owner of a bonus card recommends his friend (who isn’t a Participant of Bonus program) to visit and make a purchase in the chain of cafes.
Participant 2 is a client who made a purchase in the chain of cafes following recommendation of Participant 1 and isn’t Participant of bonus program at this point. If during filling in the form Participant 2 indicates “Friend’s card number”(Participant 1), 100 complimentary bonuses are assessed to both cards.
Card number is entered once while receiving a bonus card. If Participant’s date of birth was indicated in the form, a week before birthday and during the week after it double bonuses are assessed in case of making a purchase with operation type “assessment of bonuses” according to current percentage of accumulation. In case at the moment of purchase date of birth wasn’t indicated the bonuses can’t be assessed. To add or change wrong indicated date of birth you can through sending a letter to this Email address varenik@thevarenik.ua using subject line “Correction of information”.

Using points

Points accumulated on a card can be used by Participant ordering main courses,  soft drinks, pastry. For using bonuses Participant should present a card and inform a cashier about a wish to use bonuses during payment. Partial payment by bonuses is impossible.

Points can’t be used in case paying for property damage, ordering alcoholic drinks, buying a gift certificate, special offers and in case all the mandatory fields in the form aren’t filled in. Information about card balance is printed in a check. During ordering delivery use of bonuses is impossible.

The bonus program is accumulative, but the points are quite real.

1 point = 1 uah.

You can exchange your points paying for dishes from menu.

For the purchase of up to 400 UAH 0
From 400 to 2000 UAH 0
From 2001 to 4000 UAH 0
From 4001 and above 0
Order UAH Sent